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Question: Once I buy a Let's Draw a Story Downloadable story set, how will I receive it?
Once you place your order, you will be sent an email which will contain a link to your story set list. The email will contain the username and password that you will need to access that link. You can then print directly from the site or download the file to your local

Question: What are the different story set options?
Stories are sold in story sets of 6  to 15 stories.  We sell these story sets in three different formats:  Downloadable Files, CD,
and a Printed Book with a CD.

Question: How long does shipping take?
Answer:  Please allow 7-10 days for shipping.  This allows for order processing and shipping.

Question: Do you ship outside the United States?
Not currently.  Only the Downloadable story sets are available to customers outside the US.  We will ship CD and Book with CD to any US state.

Question: What is the age group for Let's Draw a Story?
Answer: Any age. This is a relaxing activity for kids and adults. Adults can also have fun drawing a story.

Question: Do the stories have to be drawn only?
Answer: No. Stories can be illustrated with drawn pictures, stickers, paint, photography, anything you choose.


Question: Do I need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view a story?
Answer: Yes and it's free.  You can get it by clicking on the yellow icon below. 
It is also included on all CD's.  On the CD, if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader and you click on a story, you will automatically be asked to install it from the CD. 

Let's Draw a Story has been given permission to include Adobe Acrobat Reader on our products.

Question: How do I submit photos and use ideas to the Let's Draw a Story Newsletter?
Answer: Send an email to either Susan or Arden. Our email address is listed on the Contact page.  We can't wait to see them!

Question:  What is the return policy of Let's Draw a Story?
Let's Draw a Story will replace any story set which is damaged during shipping.  We will promptly replace or refund any product that does not meet customer satisfaction.  

Question: Are you Twins?
Answer: Yes


Question:  Are Daisy and Maggie Twins?
No, just disappointed labs.   They can't Draw a Story because they have no opposable thumbs.



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